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Friday, April 29, 2011

One-Way Backlinks 3 Ways to Build One Way Backlinks

One-Way Backlinks 3 Ways to Build OneWay Backlinks
Of all the various ways to boost your blog’s or website’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs), one-way backlinks are amongst the most important and most valuable SEO techniques to use. There are three common techniques for generating backlinks to your sites and blogs, and each has it’s own place in your traffic generation strategy.

Hiring An SEO Firm To Get You Backlinks:

The first is paying an SEO company to get them for you – this can be hit and miss based on which companies you use, but in time you can find and stick with a good one.

Benefits: Doesn’t take up much of your time – you’re on to other projects while they get you your links. Drawbacks: Can be very expensive to get links from good PR sites, and paid ads on sites with high Page Rank are overly expensive for most marketers.

Article Marketing To Get You BackLinks:

Second is article marketing – the reliable old way to get your name out there, establish your credibility and generate a lot of one-way backlinks to your sites. There are hundreds, if not thousands of article directories out there just waiting for your articles, and you can build a ton of backlinks over time both from your articles being at the directories, and from people using your articles on their sites and blogs.

Benefits: Unlimited number of links can be generated, both by writing and submitting more articles and by submitting your articles to more directories. It also gives you a chance to prove yourself an expert in your field, and build a reputation amongst the other marketers in your niche. And it’s free if you do the work yourself. Disadvantages: Not everyone is a good writer, has the time to research & write article content, or can think up enough topics to keep a steady stream of new articles rolling out. Outsourcing your article submissions saves a lot of time but is expensive, while submitting articles yourself takes a lot of time if you want wide exposure.

Blog Commenting To Generate One-Way Backlinks:

The newest of the three common ways to get one-way backlinks is by commenting on blogs within your niche. Not just any blogs, though – WordPress uses a ‘no-follow’ tag by default, and most bloggers just leave it that way. Specifically you want to concentrate on blogs that have both the ‘Do-Follow’ and ‘CommentLuv’ plugins installed, as we do here at the Top Traffic Tips Blog. The Do-Follow tag tells search engines to follow your backlink and spider your blog or website, while CommentLuv fetches the last blog post you put online and links to it using your post’s title, thus ensuring your keywords are in the linking text – you ARE using keywords in every heading, right?

Benefits: My own experience using all 3 methods have shown blog commenting to be the most effective way to get one-way backlinks quickly to a new site, blog or affiliate link. While they don’t go viral like your articles do, the time involvement is much less. You simply take your list of appropriate blogs in your niche, and comment on 3-5 of them a day. This keeps the backlinks coming in over time, the way the search engines prefer, and gets links to your various posts according to what your last post was when you make your comment. External one-way backlinks to a lot of different pages in your blog or on your site is truly powerful – more powerful than all of them pointing just to your home page. And, like article marketing, intelligent commenting helps to build your rep as an expert in your field, and leads to more people cliocking through to your link.

Disadvantages: None, really, except the time it takes to locate the proper blogs in the first place, and that’s been solved for you now, with the release of a new directory of appropriate blogs to gain one-way backlinks from – you can download the report with both PDF and CSV copies of over 4,000 blogs to get one-way backlinks from by commenting there, ranging from PR0 to PR7. Start with the list, and find the one’s best suited to your target market, then work your way through, again 3-5 blogs per day.

Two Caveats about your backlink-building campaign – first, don’t ignore article marketing – keep it in your mix because of the long-term viral effect it has in building backlinks to your site. For every four or five days you spend on blog commenting, spend one on article marketing. Just be sure you start with the blog commenting, since it can generate traffic the fastest and points to different pages within your blog or site.

Second, do not – I repeat, DO NOT use auto-commenting software for this – be professional and visit the blogs yourself, leaving intelligent comments relating directly to the blog post you’re commenting on. First, almost every blog using the Do-Follow tag is moderated, so your comments won’t get through anyway. And after you’ve hit them a half-dozen times with spam comments, no matter how complimentary you are, they’ll simple add your IP address to the banned list to avoid having to delete your posts, and will report the comments as spam.

A long-term mix of blog commenting and article marketing will certainly bring you all the traffic you want, so grab the Do-Follow Blog Report now and get started!

To your success building one-way backlinks…

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