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Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 Tips To Increase Website Trrafic | Works For Sure

If you are currently running a website, whether it be for an organized charity, business, or just your own, personal blog, you’re probably asking yourself “Now how can I get more traffic to my website?” Don’t worry, because every other web master out there is asking the very same thing and I come bearing tips!

The following are 7 tips that I use myself and know work to increase the exposure of your website.

Tip #1: Pinging Services
Even some experienced web masters are unaware of just how important pinging services can be. A ping is a reminder to all of your readers that you have just updated your website. Services that include pinging services are Yahoo’s, Weblogs, Google Blog Search, and ZingFast. When your readers see that you have recently updated your website, they will definitely be heading on over to see what today’s topic is about.

Tip #2: Sign up for Technorati
Technorati is The King of website branding. It is an excellent website with a unique way of ranking your website. When you sign up for Technorati, the first thing you need to do is claim your blog. By doing so, no one else will be able to scam the system and sign themselves up under your website’s name. Having your website claimed on Technorati helps increase traffic due to the amount of people using it. It can also be used as a social networking site; it’s a great place to find other websites that may be of interest to you and of course, a way for others to find your website!

Tip #3: FeedBurner RSS Feeds
FeedBurner is an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service. It lets people subscribe to your website’s feed so every time you update, your website will come up as updated and they will be sure to check it out. They also offer another great service, and that allows your readers to sign up for your feed via email, so every time you update they will receive a notification in their inbox.

Tip #4: is perhaps the largest social bookmarking website at the moment. When you sign up for, you can now keep all of your bookmarks in one place online so no matter what happens to your computer, you are always able to access your favorite websites on any computer. A great deal of web masters use as a form of marketing their website. You can add excerpts from your blog to the website and there are also ways to meet other people and if they go to your profile, they are greeted with a link and excerpts from your blog.

There are several other social bookmarking websites, however, is the most widely-utilized.

Tip #5: Post Comments on Other Websites and Blogs

Lets face it, pretty much everyone, if they don’t run a business or personal website, they have a blog on one of many blogging platforms, such as Blogger, LiveJournal, etc. By leaving comments on other blogs and websites, you are sure to get your website more exposure and also, you may just get a comment back from the web master of that website and even their readers! However, you must remember that it is not wise to blindly visit websites and leave comments that are irrelevant to what they are writing about, so choose wisely what websites you would like to comment on. While reading, think to yourself “Does what they have to say interest me?” “Do I have a similar story that I can share?” And because in hindsight you are leaving comments on other websites for the reason that yes, you would like more traffic to your website, think “Would my website or blog interest them?”

Tip #6: Ask Owners of Other Websites to Post a Link to Yours

Link exchanges are highly effective for getting more traffic to your website. Start by finding wesbites that have similar interests to yours and if they seem to get a lot of comments, have a low Alexa rank, or a high PR, why not contact them and ask for a link exchange? As incentive to get them to put a link to your website up, return the favor. Remember, it doesn’t pay to be too picky with who you link on your website. In addition, you can leave a comment on someone’s website (that has something to do with their topic) and they may check your website out and see that you have a link to their site up and return the favor. Of course, it never hurts to contact them in some way and ask for an exchange or even just inform them that you put a link to their website up because mos of the time, they will return the favor.

Tip #7: Use Keywords

Using keywords on your website helps mostly your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and determines how many search engine spiders notice your website.

Search engine spiders are programs from search engines that automatically browse websites and report back their findings to the search engine database. When it does this, your website is added to that search engine. For example, if you had an article or post about going to the vet with your dog, it would be wise to list dog, vet, pets, pet care, etc. as keywords to that post and then when spiders come to your website and see your keywords, it is added to the database so if someone was searching for pet care, your website would come up and ultimately, it will bring more traffic.

I hope these 7 tips have helped you and I will be back with more fun, easy, and interesting posts for everyone!

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