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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chest Acne Treatment and Prevention

Chest Acne Treatment and Prevention
One type of acne that doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the others is chest acne. It is easy to find information on facial acne and even back acne but acne on the chest is largely ignored. This is a very specific type of acne that has different causes and requires slightly different treatment than facial acne does.

In order to find the right chest acne treatment, it is important to consider the cause. All types of acne are related to clogged pores but pores can become clogged for different reasons. In the chest area, sweating is a common culprit of clogged pores. Both men and women naturally sweat in the chest area but women in particular suffer from this problem as a result of sweat becoming trapped inside of cleavage. For this reason back and chest acne strikes women more often than men.

The best way to treat chest and back acne caused by sweating is to avoid situations where sweat is allowed to rest on the skin for long periods of time. If you have determined that breakouts on your chest seem to follow workouts, you will have to be vigilant. This means taking a shower immediately afterward. You may want to consider showering at the gym if you don’t already. You should also always bring a dry change of clothes with you, even when you are not working out. If you are going to spend time outdoors in the heat for any reason, always have a fresh shirt on hand to change into when you notice yourself getting sweaty. Also, be sure to bring a towel to dry off the sweat. This should lead to a drastic reduction in chest pimples.

You should also make wise choices when it comes to materials if you are prone to sweating. Look for light, airy fabrics. Cotton is the most breathable material. You can also buy workout clothes specifically designed to whisk sweat away from the body. These can really make a big difference if sweating is the cause of your problem. In particular, avoid wearing very tight clothes that don’t allow the skin to breathe.

If you’re not particularly active and still get more than your fair share of chest pimples, it’s possible that you have a slight hormonal imbalance. Too much androgen, which is a male hormone but is also present in women, can cause oil glands to go into overdrive. This usually affects other parts of the body and face as well, so if you suspect this is the problem you should consult with a dermatologist. A hormonal imbalance is best treated internally using prescription medication.

If you’ve ruled out sweating and a hormonal imbalance, you might want to look at what products come into contact with the skin on your chest. Lotions and oils are notorious for leading to clogged pores. Suntan oils and creams in particular can cause chest breakouts so try switching to oil-free formulations and see if the situation improves. Avoid using perfumes as well. Although spray perfumes don’t usually clog pores, you could be experiencing an allergic reaction that looks like acne. You might also want to switch detergents to a type formulated for sensitive skin to rule this out as another possible cause.

In any case, try to resist the temptation to pop chest pimples because this can lead to infections and even scars. It is a lot easier to treat it when it’s in the acne stage than it is to get rid of chest acne scars. Regardless of the cause, it’s a good idea to use an anti-bacterial soap when washing the area and then dry it thoroughly. Topical treatments such as benzoyl peroxide creams can also be used but be sure to let them dry completely before getting dressed.

Having acne in the chest area can be embarrassing but solving it is fairly straightforward if you follow the above acne tips. Keep the area dry, avoid tight clothes, and stay away from perfumes and oils and you should notice a much clearer chest in no time.

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